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    Best-Seller: Genius Wine Opener & Care Set | 4pc

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    Best-Seller: Genius Wine Opener & Care Set | 4pc

    Join Thousands Of Wine Lovers And Claim Your Cork Genius Wine Opener & Care Set!


    Do you enjoy popping open your favorite bottle of wine after a long week?

    Admit it, there’s no greater pleasure than that first sip of a perfectly aged and aerated Merlot, Pinot, or whatever your fave is. (Okay, maybe there ARE greater pleasures. But this comes pretty darn close.)

    For you then, we have the PERFECT 4-piece set with everything you need to open, pour, and store your wine.


    (1x) Genius Wine Opener

    Our patented wine opener is a simple, swift, effective little gadget that pops your cork with air!

    (1x) Genius Bottle-Top Aerator

    Elevate the experience of every glass by aerating your wine as you pour.

    (1x) Genius Foil Cutter

    Cleanly remove the foil in seconds while delivering restaurant-quality presentation effortlessly.

    (1x) Genius Vacuum Sealer

    Preserve the flavor and mouthfeel of your wine for a matter of weeks after a bottle is opened.


    Also makes a fantastic gift for true wine connoisseurs at heart!

    Claim yours today!

    While supplies last. (Supply subject to limited quantity during October, November, & December.)

        Innovative Wine Technology + Making Your Life Easier = The Cork Genius Experience

        Love wine? And maybe a bit of a nerd?

        Then you’re going to love this…

        Because we've harnessed the power of chemistry and physics to design and create a simple yet innovative wine opener kit for an enjoyable and snobbery-free wine experience.

        With the Cork Genius 4-Piece Wine Set, you'll have everything you need to pour the perfect glass of wine every single time

        Platinum Foil Cutter - Gone are the days of fighting with the foil!

        Genius Aerator - Keep the party flowing by easily pouring your wine, instantly aerating your wine, getting a deeper and bolder flavor from your favorite wines with less hangover and headaches!

        Vacuum Wine Sealer - We call this our "Lifesaver for a wine saver” because let’s face it: we don’t always finish every bottle we open. By removing all the air out of the bottle you can save opened bottles for weeks, not days!

        Genius Wine Opener - Our patented wine opener makes your life easier…

        How does it work?

        It’s as easy and quick as push, pump, and pop:

        Push: Insert the needle by aligning it vertically with the center of the cork all the way through.

        Pump: Holding the bottle tight in one hand, grab the handle of the opener with the other hand pumping the handle up and down to inject air into the bottle.

        Pop: After 4 to 6 pumps, the cork will slide completely out of the bottle and you'll hear a POP!

        Cheers: To remove the cork, carefully push down on the sliding disc until the cork slides completely off the needle

        PUSH, PUMP, & POP!

        The Cork Genius Opener was designed using a little science to avoid a lot of fuss and bother. The outdated corkscrew design has nothing on this simple, swift, and effective little gadget.

        This easy-to-use air-pump opener wields the power of air-pressure to quickly eject the cork of all standard-sized wine bottles, eliminating all the annoying pulling, tugging, and twisting of a normal corkscrew. Simply press the needle into the top of the cork, and give the handle a few pumps. Air will be injected into the bottle and eject the cork, fully intact.

        It’s effortless and even joyful – Push. Pump. Pop! Works every time, in all settings, and makes a great gift for wine-lovers of all ages. The uncomplicated, all-in-one design means no charging, batteries, or extra things to buy. 


        Our Bottle-Top Aerator uses unique aeration technology to maximize tastes and aromas as you pour. Fasten the leak-free spout to the top of the bottle and it will introduce oxygen and evaporate excess sulfates as the wine runs through it. Smoothly pour a perfectly aerated glass of wine without the hassle of a decanter. Then, quickly rinse with soap, then it’s ready to pour or store. Fits nearly all standard wine bottles.


        Our Vacuum Sealer allows you to pump oxygen out of the bottle to keep your wine fresh for many days longer than an ordinary stopper or cork. We’ve combined the pump and the plug to streamline efficiency, preserving wine with no leakage or spillage until you’re ready to enjoy another glass.


        The elegant and ergonomic design of our Foil Cutter is easy to hold and delivers a restaurant-quality presentation. Cleanly cut the foil in seconds! No more picking, prying, or foil crumbles. 

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        The Genius Wine Opener is guaranteed to work on any standard 750ml round wine bottle with corks up to 55mm in length — aka, just about any regular bottle of wine that exists.

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