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When we’re entertaining, one bottle just isn’t enough! When we entertain, we’ve usually got two or three bottles being passed around. A 3-Pack of Instant Aerators ensures that any host can aerate all their wine to perfection as they serve, making an ideal gift. More bottles can also mean more wasted wine… but not when you have the Cork Genius Vacuum Sealer! A 3-Pack will ensure that not a drop goes to waste as they pump out the air to preserve quality and store safely with no drips! Get 5 of each 3-Pack and spread that wine love around!

What’s inside:

5x 3 Packs of Bottle Top Aerators

Elevate the experience of every glass by aerating your wine as you pour.

5x 3 Packs of Vacuum Sealers

Preserve and protect your wine with a tight seal that keeps your leftovers protected for weeks after a bottle is opened.