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Give the gift of a smarter way to drink wine. Set your friends up for success - this bundle is perfect for that friend who wants to make the most of their wine, but needs some extra gear for hosting and managing multiple bottles. Help them party like a genius with the Deluxe Wine Set. 

What’s inside: 

Cork Genius Wine Opener

This easy-to-use air-pump opener wields the power of air-pressure to quickly eject the cork of all standard-sized wine bottles, eliminating all the annoying pulling, tugging and twisting of a normal corkscrew.

3 Pack of Bottle Top Aerators

Elevate the experience of every glass by aerating your wine as you pour.

3 Pack of Vacuum Sealers

Preserve and protect your wine with a tight seal that keeps your leftovers protected for weeks after a bottle is opened.

Platinum Foil Cutter

Place our easy-to-use foil cutter at the top of the bottleneck and gently squeeze the sides while you twist; the four wheel-blades cleanly cut the foil in seconds! No more picking, prying, or foil crumbles.