Got an old picture frame and some corks on hand? Try out this DIY project and make yourself a jewelry organizer! It’s simple, fun, and will keep your necklaces and earrings from getting tangled up and lost. 

What you need:

🍾 A Picture Frame

🍾 Corks to Fill the Frame

🍾 Cardboard Cut to Size

🍾 Mug Hooks

🍾 Hot Glue Gun


1. Lay all your corks out inside the frame in your desired pattern and make sure they all fit! If you need to trim, use a bread knife to cut them to size.

2. Glue the corks to the cardboard at the back of the frame. Wait for the glue to dry and then twist your mug hooks into the corks with enough distance in between to let your jewelry hang.

3. Fit the picture frame onto the cardboard and… voila! You’ve done it! Hang your new jewelry organizer on the wall and add all your favorite accessories to it. 

If you didn’t have enough corks for this project, make sure you’re always popping bottles with your Cork Genius! Now you can open wine without a corkscrew and never break a cork again!

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